In A Filtered World..



Facetune  (I recently learned about this one..)

From what I know there’s even apps to enhance your body parts.  I would google the hell out of it to find one, but I am 127 years old and tired.

Snapchat… the infamous Snapchat filter that automatically makes you so perfect you barely recognize yourself.  I know the filter and I don’t even have Snapchat.

#nofilter (besides the 2016 Instagram version of the dog filter)


Not feeling so cute?  Make yourself a dog.  Throw some electric hearts over your head.  Use the perfect filter.  And you’re set!

Modern day photo sharing has come an extremely long way from those Fuji film disposable cameras or the Nikon Coolpix digital cameras where you couldn’t escape a poor photo.  Our iPhones are a one stop shop for instantaneous perfection of a selfie or photo before posting it to a social media platform.  It only takes one filter… or 30.

Related image

One arguable theory is that this age of filters is causing us to have low self esteem.  I can totally see it.  For one, it can easily cause some to compare themselves to someone who is, literally, picture perfect, when in reality, it’s not real.  I’ve found myself staring at photos for way longer than I’d like to admit thinking.. “but.. wait…how?  ugh, what’s her diet?  Who is her doctor…? Oh, wait a second, Angela…get it together!”

From another perspective, are we using all of these filters to perfect ourselves because we don’t think enough of ourselves?  Has it really come to the point where it’s impossible to post an unfiltered photo?

Rhetorical.  It’s rhetorical.

I, for one, will admit to using filters on my photos and I am pleased when someone with a good eye notices my Autumn Sunrise (for those who get the reference, I love you) filter on all of my photos.  I use one filter, for an algorithm, on my Instagram feed and I do play with colors to enhance poor quality photos.  All the excellent photographers do.  (We are allowed to compliment ourselves without feeling guilty.)

I do appreciate the occasional selfie and I love when I see others sharing theirs.  Again, I  won’t lie, I heavily rely on good lighting to enhance the quality.  I also rely on my dog to further enhance the quality.  I have about 500 selfies of me and my girl, on my phone, and I have no qualms about showing you every single one of them.

Related image


So, who is to blame?  Is it any of the available apps that leave the unattainable reach for perfection at our fingertips?  Is it the person next to us who is filtering their photos and life so it leaves us in the position of wanting to look perfect, too?  By all means, I am not saying to not use the filters you enjoy.  You, do you!

What I am saying is people can’t connect to perfect, they can only connect to real.

And true connection is the nectar of life.

Be seen.

All of my love,



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