The Day Of Love Is Upon Us

It has been a long month plus since I’ve last shared some thoughts, with y’all, and a lot sure has happened.  Like, a lot.  January is my busiest month at work and, for me, it also marked my best month ever in my position.  Some of you may be shocked while reading this:  Yes, I work.  I don’t just work out, write for living (although that would be nice) and meet my girlfriends for brunch.  I do have a career.

With January being exhausting professionally, it was also quite the showing in my personal life, as well.  Besides work, I was actually living life differently, training for my upcoming first marathon and surviving the two full moons.

Now it’s time to write since I am seeing red.  Literally.

February 14th.  First, I’d like to instruct everyone of the obvious regarding this day:

Place your oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. 

Second, I mean, is this even really a holiday?  Or is it just a commercialized day of romance to exchange cards, with words you’d never come up with on your own, flowers and candy.  Let’s be perfectly honest, Valentine was beheaded after being beaten with clubs.  It’s a similar feeling when you’re in love.

Just kidding.  Sort of.  But also…

Image result for valentines day meme cupid

Romance is different for everyone, I, myself, have never been one for Valentine’s Day.  Even while married, it was never a big to-do.  I’ve always felt like it was just another revenue generating “holiday.”  It comes very quickly, after Christmas/Hanukkah, where most Americans overspend to prove to someone else that they love them (we are all a little guilty); not to mention the cost of overpriced flowers and a prix fixe dinner where you’re rushed out the restaurant.

You want to show me that you love me?  Buy me flowers randomly because you know I had four adult meltdowns on this random Monday.  Let me sleep while you take my dog for her morning walk.  Buy me a pizza and don’t ask for a slice.  Maybe spray poo-pourri after using my bathroom?

Most of all give me time.  Give me Father Time.  Or at least a Mean Girl’s inspired Valentine’s Day card..

Image result for valentines day mean girls

But fine, I get it, if we are going to buy gifts, realistically speaking, many women and men aren’t too hard to please.  So, men, don’t hit up your local Chanel boutique just yet.

There’s an abundance of little gifts that mean a lot and won’t break the bank:  A cozy bathrobe for the person who hates to put on real clothes at home (raises hand), a new gym bag for the lover that’s a gym rat (raises hand), a weekender or selfie stick for the person who travels often (raises hand and snaps a selfie, because #thisis34), a Netflix or Prime subscription for the binger and Sephora will never let you down for women AND men alike.  When all else fails, anything homemade is probably the most thoughtful gift.  But make sure you also buy tissues, because that shit is emotional.

And if you’re flying solo on Valentine’s Day, do something nice for yourself!  We are all whole on our own or before we are complimented by someone else, we are valuable and worthy of all of the love in the world.  We should always give it to ourselves before we give it away.

In closing, I totally get it, Valentine’s Day is a day to show your sweetheart (or yourself!) that they mean something to you, but always keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be two fourteen to show someone that they’re the macaroni to your cheese.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

All of my love,






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