36 Things That 2017 Can Take With It.

I can’t believe that it’s time for this post again.  I feel like 2016 just ended and I was writing this very post, practically yesterday.  I do want to start out by saying:  2018, I really hope you have your shit together.

Between the media, talking to friends, family and acquaintances about the past year, we’ve had a very eventful 2017.  It has been a tough year (and I won’t even get into my planetary talk…yet).  I am ready and looking forward to what 2018 has to offer me and the universe, as a whole.  But, for the sake of mankind, let’s leave a few things behind, shall we?  As you can imagine, since it is ME writing this, it will be a perfect blend of serious and sassy.  Just like… Well, me.

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Let’s begin, shall we?

The News and Media List..
  1.  Sexual harassment and misconduct.  I figured I would start with the elephant in the room of 2017.  I am done with it.  I am tired of hearing about it, I am sad for anyone who has been a victim of it and that I am part of the #metoo in 2017.  It’s time for women to be comfortable in the workplace, schools, doctors offices and even walking down the street.
  2. Bitcoin.  I mean, come on.
  3. The racial, religious and political divides.
  4. Denial that climate change is a real thing.  We have polar bears who are starving to death (although there are conflicting reports) and it’s 65 degrees on a winter day.  This is real.
  5. Gender roles.  Get going.
  6. Opioid addiction and the doctors who are a part of the problem.
  7. Big farming.

We can keep Meg and Harry!

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The social media list..
  1. Snap chat filters that completely distort your face and transform you into someone that you don’t look like.  You also don’t have a flower crown on your head.  You’re also not dog.  (Look, it’s me with no filter.)   untitled1
  2. Snap chat in general.  Although my 13yr old niece loves it, it still has to go.  Sorry, Toni Ann.
  3. With that, lip syncing IG videos.  Are we adults?  Because I am uncomfortable.
  4. Full conversations though direct messenger instead of a few quick exchanges.  Remember Alexander Graham Bell?  1885?  He came up with this invention called the telephone?  Between this and texting, this is why there is NO human connection, at all anymore, and people can’t have real conversations.
  5. Using LinkedIn for all the wrong reasons.  It’s a professional networking site.
  6. Hashtag goals!  If I am or anyone else is your inspiration or motivation, I think that’s wonderful!  If I am or anyone else is, your “goal” – it’s time to rethink that.  You don’t know what I went through to get where I am and I don’t wish that journey on anyone.  Walk your journey.  I am sure others would say the same.
  7. Instagram algorithms.

We can totally keep all of the dog and cat Instagram accounts long with Ted talks.  More Ted talks, please!

Here is my new favorite talk!

The Fashion and Aesthetics List..
  1. Cold shoulder shirts.
  2. Boho chic.
  3. Long nails.  When did this become a thing again?
  4. Doctors and nurses who overly inject for the sake of their pockets.  (I’ll never deny having injections/work done and I won’t go to anyone except for The Breslow Center and Melissa Giordano – they’re extremely conservative and professional.)
  5. Smoking.  I’m not a smoker and have never smoked but I am unsure of those who smoke know the harm it does to the entire body, hygiene and aging process.  No judgement on those who do smoke, but rethink it, take care of yourselves.
  6. Fast food restaurants.  Did you know McDonald’s french fries are made from like, powder?
  7. The glorification of derrieres.

We can keep athleisure and we can definitely keep the occasional four slices of pizza.And you know, I am going to touch on the spiritual factor.  Please, let’s leave behind:

  1. Settling.  Sh*t friends, a sh*t job, a sh*t relationship.  Don’t do it for the sake of having any of those listed.  You’re worth more than settling.
  2. Lack of integrity – doing what’s fun, fast or easy over doing what’s right, don’t forget, what’s easy won’t last, what lasts isn’t easy.
  3. Self sabotaging.  (Hang on, polishing my reigning crown.)
  4. Ignoring unhealed traumas.Related image
  5. Jealousy and hatred.
  6. Ignoring your feelings.
  7. Asking a childless woman when she is going to have a child.
  8. Asking a mother of one when she is going to have a second.
  9. Shrinking back to fit a mold or a role of what you think someone may want.  Oh, you think astrology is fake and silly?  You want to keep repeating that to me?  Let me see what my pendulum thinks about me keeping you around.
  10. Staring at our phones for hours on end.  We lose an average of 27mins, of available time, where we can be our best selves, every time we get distracted.
  11. Infidelity.  I mean, its been around since the ages of when we had to marry to keep a family name going or for farm land, instead of love, but when power couple Queen Bey and Jay-Z go through it, it’s proof that it can happen to anyone.  Yes, they’re wiping their tears, with 100 dollar bills from mega hits like, “Sorry” and “4:44” (have you listened to those lyrics?  Oof.) but in reality, truth is, their biggest creations came from their biggest pain.  Jay-Z opens up about his infidelity in this recent interview.  Talk about vulnerable!  And once again, proving why they’re the ultimate power couple.
  12. Text and DM conversations- let’s make human contact great again.
  13. Toxicity.  It’s time to leave behind toxic relationships whether it’s family, romantic, a job or a friendship.
  14. “Ghosting” – have those hard conversations, friends.
  15. Emotional unavailability and lack of vulnerability.  Please see number 11.
  16. Being in a relationship just to have someone around to ignore fears, sadness and secret feelings while masking it as confidence and being all together.  This only leads to transfers of insecurities and lack of self worth.  Practice loving yourself FIRST (it’s a practice, every single day, it won’t be easy).   Can you see why I’ve chosen to be single for so long?  Because “situationships.”
  17. Women not empowering other women or women hurting other women.  Come on, ladies.  We’re better than this.  Cut it out.

We can keep vulnerability, face to face conversations, “I LOVE YOU’S,” “I made a mistake,” correcting our mistakes, smiling at strangers and honesty. And hugs, nothing like a big old bear hug.

We all have the power to make 2018 great despite any roadblocks that pop up.  I wish you all the healthiest year ahead full of massive amounts of abundance, to you and yours.

All of my deepest love,


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