How To Live A Good Life. By, Me.

Living a “good” life can easily range from one extreme to the next depending on who you talk to, right?  If you talk to a millennial around my age of 34 (I STILL can’t believe that 34 is in the “millennial” bracket, I really don’t know who I have to speak to, to get that re-categorized), you may hear, “good career, good salary, married, maybe just starting a family, no outstanding Sallie Mae bills.”  Meanwhile, if you fast forward to someone who is older and at the end of their days, you will hear something like, “I am surrounded by family, I have been well loved, I got to see my children grow up and be happy and healthy” or “I traveled the world, I am healthy, I lived my life for me.”  Because, the things are just things, and they don’t bring the happiness that the things we can’t touch (did I phrase that correctly?) bring us.

Now, I am going to touch on something that I feel brings a lot of UNHAPPINESS to people that I was exposed to this past weekend, as well as numerous times in the past.  It’s something that I am a little mind blown over and just frantically sent my friend Tara, 8 voice memos in a row about, since I was that mind blown.  And yes, it has to do with social media.  <exits to the left>.  I swear, I have a point here.


Before the weekend, I posted a selfie.  Oh my God, the horror, I know.

Image result for the horror

The selfie was in regards to the eyelashes that I wear (any modern woman knows the importance here!) that was previously posted in my Instagram story.  I had the pleasure of slightly being bullied by a “grown man” (I am thinking lower 30s?, who was also previously blocked from viewing my Instagram stories, so he would have never seen the original post) regarding me being “humble.”  Now, as we know, this is NEVER acceptable.  I repeat, BULLYING IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.  There are a few reasons that I can think of as to why this incident happened, which I will keep to myself.  However, this is what I learned from this situation:


I use my social media to connect with people and display certain parts of my world (my family, hobbies, etc).  As I’ve said a million times in the past, to me, human connection is everything and actually it brings me the most happiness.  It’s also said that people who connect well live longer, healthier lives.  I didn’t make that up.  It’s science.

Here are my few tips on how to live a good life, including LIVE AND LET LIVE.

You don’t like what you see in your feed?  It’s called the SCROLL PAST.

You don’t like it?  SCROLL PAST IT.  

You feel good?  You want to take a selfie?  You want to post that selfie?  YOU GO AHEAD AND DO THAT.  Nobody should stand in the way of you feeling good and wanting to share it with the world.  You don’t even need a reason to do so.  Science will also claim that those who post selfies are “psychopaths.”  (I think said authors meant daily selfies where the subject relies on “likes” for self worth, however, it’s unclear if that was distinguished.) 

Well, I can argue that the psychopaths are those who are unhappily staring at those once in a blue selfies and mentally trolling, actually trolling or possibly even posting vague responses via their own social media.  I know, I know, adults have never ever done that, right?  I have never seen that, like, ever.

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Mind your business.
  • Put your bare feet in the earth.
  • Get a hobby that you love.
  • Don’t answer that f***boy/man who messaged you, on Instagram, way too many times (especially when they’re messaging someone who is actually married).
  • Sit in the sun, but apply SPF50, because taking care of your skin is important, too.
  • Let people think you’re nuts because you’re happy for reasons that wouldn’t make them happy.
  • Have kids.
  • Don’t have kids.
  • But have kids or don’t have kids for the right reasons.
  • Let sh*t go.
  • Don’t give a flying f*** about what people THINK you should do.  It’s YOUR life.
  • Admit you have a therapist, humans can be exhausting, as much as I love them.
  • Compliment someone.  They will, in turn, compliment someone else.  I promise.  Be that good energy.
  • Tell people you appreciate them.
  • Get a dog.  Get a cat.  Get them from the shelter!  Get some plants.  Be nice to all of them or I will literally kill you.  (About that energy…)
  • Listen to people.  I mean REALLY listen.  Not subjectively listen.
  • Admit when you’re wrong.  Truly apologize.  Learn from your mistakes.
  • and lastly DO THIS.

(Still one of my top ten jams, consistently on play on my running/lifting playlist.)

Caring way too much about what other people are doing and, overall, judging people (judging people in general, but, it happens, we are human) for doing something, JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T AGREE WITH IT, will bring you unhappiness.  I can promise you that.  So the next time you see a selfie of a woman, in a sweatshirt, sharing her favorite lashes, go ahead and double tap if you like it!  If not, do the scroll past.  Furthermore, the unfollow option is a feature that is always readily available.


I hope this blog post brought you some happiness or pushed you to do something that makes you happy.  Now go drink another bottle of water.  (And recycle the container or I will come after you, because Mother Earth.)








5 thoughts on “How To Live A Good Life. By, Me.

  1. Just so you know we aren’t Millenialls I recently looked it up and we are considered Zennials. A combo of Gen X and millenianl because believe me I wasn’t happen either when they had us in the same category…lol. Good read. Thanks for writing 😃


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