A Lot Can Happen In A Year


This time last year, I want you to take a moment to think about where you were.  Are you thinking?  Okay, great!  What you were doing?  Who you were with?  What was the highlight of that time?  Some of you may think, “how am I supposed to remember that shit?”  (And yes, some of it was probably shit, because, hey!  Life.)  Like, it was just another day and time in the short span of your life (newsflash, life IS extremely short).  For some of us, we remember every single moment.

Rewind.  It was 10/9/16.  I ran 8.10 miles; it was an 8:25/mi pace.  It was raining steadily that day and I remember thinking how invigorating it was.  I came home, I made pancakes and eggs and I watched football all day.  It was the last time I made pancakes, at home, until yesterday, oddly enough.  Sometimes, I think I am an elephant with my cognition.   Which also leads back to this.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

A lot can happen in a year.  You can bake and deliver a baby.  You can be cured of cancer.  You can quit your job and travel the world.  If you got a nose job it will most likely be settled to the final result.  You can get married.  You can get divorced.  Why stop there?  You can get married AND divorced; go for the gold.  You can suddenly lose a loved one.  You can lose yourself.  You can also find yourself.

For me, I was able to gain twelve healthy pounds.  I switched into a new career and saw my 7th and 8th anniversaries with my company.  I hosted a Christmas, all on my own, in my own home.

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I slept through New Year’s Eve (I am tired lady, what can I say?).  I climbed mountains (literally and figuratively), I watched one of my closest friends get married while I watched another get pregnant and just deliver a gorgeous boy exactly one month ago.  I treated myself to a vacation to Aruba because, as the kids say, hashtag YOLO?  A lot can happen in a year.

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I went back to Church even if I don’t believe in everything the Bible says, but I believe in something.  I lost relationships, I gained relationships, I rekindled with old friends and I am so glad that I did.  I learned how to set boundaries.  I speak up for myself.  I made mistakes.  I corrected them.  A lot can happen in a year.

Image result for dont spend time making a mistake just because youve been making it for a long time

I became even closer with my family, on both sides, and it was something that only came at exactly the right time.  We laugh together, we cry together, too.  Because let’s be real:  life is hard… But we have each other.  We make time for each other.  I truly understand that family is first and they’re your first friends.  Even if my brother is the biggest headache in the world.  Lord, help me.  A lot can happen in a year.

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I landed a running injury that slowed me down but my mind and body knew exactly what it needed to do to get back to its baseline.  I am happy to say that I am finally running again, without pain, and I will be back to where I previously was.  And hopefully better than ever.  I also did Yoga with goats and pigs.  A lot can happen in a year.

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I bought a new car (okay, fine, my lease was almost up anyway), I put myself out there (I’m uncomfortable and I am sweating) regarding what I really want in life and I am working towards those goals.  I went through an extremely long, two year, spiritual awakening which, in fact, is way less than glamorous.  Like, way.  As painful as the process was, in retrospect, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I can honestly say…Image result for a lot can happen in a year quotes




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