Simply Stated: 2017.

I am sure there are a ton of posts on the exit of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.  I figured I would add one more to the mix.  I has been about a month since my last post and, to be perfectly honest, I took a short sabbatical from writing.  For all those Google searching the blog (yes, I see those!) to see updates, I am sorry, there just weren’t any.  I was going to post something at the end of the year, however, I opted not to.  Here’s why:

I wasn’t sad to see it go.

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While it wasn’t the world’s absolute worst year in history, it was pretty shitty.  I can sit here and go on and on, about my personal 2016, which most definitely had its high points, one being lots of growth and release for me (which some would have considered super low points but, nah uh, honey, not in my world), but it also had its set backs, as well.  For instance, an injury which prevented me from running two of my races.  That sucked.  Lesson learned:  Never go out for a quick three mile recovery run, from your long run the day before, in your non-long run sneakers that don’t have inserts, and wind up running thirteen miles because you felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Womp.  There was a lesson learned, so it wasn’t all that bad.


I don’t really do the typical New Year Resolution since, if you want to change, there is a new day, every day, to start whatever change you deem necessary.  With that, here are some small key points that I decided challenge myself with in this new year:

  • Recite/write/journal affirmations more, using “I AM” mostly
  • Nip anger in the bud (I am over all pretty good with this, all things considered, but when I slip, I slip, slide and verbally assault which is terrible for mental health)
  • Be LESS social.  If you know me personally, you know I am the biggest introverted extrovert (it’s a thing, I swear, I am social but I love being home) ever.  I talk a lot.  I talk to everyone.  I am in sales, I talk for a living!  I write here a few times a month.  How much it too much?  Is that possible?  I guess we will find out as I scale back a bit in my every day life
  • Unplug.  This kind of goes hand in hand with the above.  It has been a long while since I’ve had the Facebook app on my phone (I don’t love Facebook AT. ALL. but I keep it for the this blog mostly) but it’s time to spend less time on my phone.  I usually keep sound notifications completely off, however, recently I switched them on as to only answer an email or text if I hear it coming in.  Studies have shown that people who use social media less are overall happier

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  • Continue to focus on the now.  I suffer from what my therapist has diagnosed as High Functioning Anxiety (I will write about that at another time).  A lot of anxiety is worrying about the future and not the now.  I am not on medication, for my anxiety, and I work through it on my own.  Stopping and talking myself (this time, I have to talk!) through a small meltdown truly helps, even if I just repeat the word, “now” over and over again
  • Keep working toward Peace.  This includes bullet point two.  Eek.  I recently made a huge decision a few weeks back, for myself, to return to Church.  I left the Church for a few reasons and found myself rather deeply immersed in spirituality over the last few years.  While I still don’t believe in what a lot of the Church deems “right”, I still go for my own faith and peace of mind.  If this (plus my belief, in a Higher Power other than God, ie: the Universe) is what brings me peace, I will continue to do it
  • And lastly, I have to admit I have done this especially over the last three months, and I am sure many other people have, too… Do not worry about anyone else’s life journey but my own.  Period.

So there we have it.  Short.  Sweet.  To the point.  Go crush the year.  Don’t be worried if you fail.  There is always the next day to try again.  (At least I tell myself this after diving head first into a gallon of ice cream.)




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