Simply Stated: Goals.

Welcome to November 7th, 2016, aka, the eve of one of the top three scariest days known in American history.  Before, I get into my wide array of thoughts tonight, I want to take a serious moment to remind everyone to get out there and vote tomorrow.  It is your duty, as an American, to use exercise that right.  I say this every four years:  I don’t care who you’re voting for (and I will keep my Make America Kind Again opinion to myself) but please, please, please get to the polls.  That’s all I am going to say about that….

….besides the fact that, without goals, two people would have never been running for POTUS in tomorrow’s election.

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Lately I have been thinking about my life (and taking more St. John’s Wort because of that, just kidding, kind of, but I love this supplement as I prefer to remain all natural…  Definitely kidding there)  and where I want to go next with my personal goals.  For me, goal setting is beyond important.  There’s a few reasons why I keep goals active in my life.  Here’s why:

1-They help me realize what I truly want in life.  When I sit down and write it out it makes it real, concrete, “this is what I want.”  After writing it down, it’s time for a game plan on how to get there; more than likely, it’s in small stepping stones.  Life throws you curveballs sometimes and those are the times to reevaluate your goal setting.  Get those stepping stones in order!

2- Setting goals holds me accountable.  For instance, the first time I told myself I wanted to run 100 miles in a month, I sat down and wrote out exactly how many miles I needed to run everyday, without killing myself, to get there.  That calendar held me accountable for every mile I ran to help me get to my goal.  If I failed on miles one day (believe me I did and do), I knew I had to make it up somewhere else.  Sheer accountability.  The first time I ate an entire pizza to myself wasn’t as structured.  I went in head first, full bore.

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3- Goals help you live.  I am not talking about literally breathing breath into your lungs but they help you spend your hours on this earth doing something that you love.  Imagine your goal was to backpack across Europe.  You worked hard, saved money, got that trip paid for, and there you were enjoying every second of that trip.  You’re living your life to the fullest thanks to that one goal.

4- Goals give you motivation to work your ass off.  A few months ago I told myself that I wanted something and I was going to somehow get it, within X amount of years, without any handouts (not that I’ve ever had any and boy do I appreciate things way more).  Who knew just by speaking it, my path was already starting to be paved.

5- Call yourself on your bullshit.  Are you just telling yourself or others about your goals because they sound good?  “I want to start a business.”  “I want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.”  “I want to make one billion dollars in 2017.”  “I want to rescue and roll around with all the kittens in the world.”

Errr… That last one may or may not have been one of mine.

Hashtag Squad Goals:

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6- They help you be the best version of yourself.  I believe in never competing with anyone.  The person next to me will never be my competition, they may inspire me, but they will never be my competition.  I am here on this earth to only be better than I was yesterday.  Tomorrow, I want to be better than I am right now… which may be easy since hey, I won’t lie, I sadly let Sir Ego sneak up on me today.  (Look at that, I just called myself on my own bullshit and held myself accountable for it!)

7- Get an accountability partner! 

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I have certain friends in my life that hold me accountable, without me even asking them to, because lucky for me, they want to see me succeed (FIND FRIENDS LIKE THIS, PEOPLE).  I have friends who text me everyday and ask about my running, my workouts, my next blog post if I’ve been MIA, my schoolwork, about my successes during my days at work, or even to see if I slowed down (I am fast, quick, I never stop moving, shaking, and bogeying) to rest because I am non-stop.  These people are YOUR people.  Your persons.  Next to yourself, your assets to success.

In closing, I want to share a story that made my heart swell tonight.  As a runner, I can only imagine all the feels of different emotions while crossing the line of a marathon.  The first time I ran over ten miles (and I’m over, over now) I cried so I can’t imagine that 26.2 rush.  My goal (you read it here first) is the full twenty six point two and I am looking at you 2018.

Tonight, this guy is my hero for more reasons than one.

Goodnight, Godbless, vote tomorrow, and for the love of the Universe set a new goal!





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