Don’t Fight Me On This: 17 Reasons Why Fall Trumps All.

And by Trump, I don’t mean… Just kidding, I am not even going there.

After my last post, I thought I would get back to basics and lighten the mood a bit…

Hey now!

It’s officially September 1st and I am back to my ultimate level of seasonal happiness.  No, it’s not Fall yet, however, once we hit the “Ber” months, I can finally chill out.  It’s not that I hate summer by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that three months is all that I can handle.  Actually, I am good with two.  Summer is great, for instance, I love the beach and I love being tan.  I love the sunrises and the sunsets.  I love my LavaSummers with my family.  I am a summer baby.  I don’t love humidity, I don’t love not being able to breathe on my runs, I don’t love 98 degree days where I am totally Wicked Witch of The West, “help me, I’m melting.”

An actual photo of me attempting not to die a few weeks ago while tanning  (no makeup, no filter, I don’t care, no problem):


I, for certain, don’t enjoy having to carry deodorant with me everywhere.  Say goodbye to soggy pits and other…. Well, you know… “Areas.”



Listen, I know many of you are boo-hoo’ing over seeing summer leave and, I am sorry, I do hate seeing people upset.  I am sure there are going to be a ton of Instagram posts, with Lana Del Ray’s Summertime Sadness lyrics as a caption, and within weeks of Labor Day being the most recent holiday, tons of Throwback Thursday photos, with “take me back” captions, with your toes in the sand, at your favorite beach.  I can completely understand your longing for summer to stay forever.  Well, it’s my turn to be totally obnoxious, with my basicism behavior, yes, 33yr old women can also be basics.  Shocking, I know.  (Sarcasm for those of you who don’t know me personally.  Insert an award winning eye-roll as well.)  So, September, let’s do this!

Here is why my season kicks the sh*t out of your season:

  1. As I just mentioned, SAYONARA SWAMPASS.
  2. Sweatpants.  Need I say more?
  3. To continue with the above mentioned word of glory, sweatpants, keep in mind now you can eat all you want and not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable letting it all hang out.  Sweatshirts (HOODIES, YESSSS!) and sweaters got you covered.

Or whomever you pray to…

Image result for praise jesus meme

4.  Boots.  Over the knee boots.  Booties.  And black nail polish, without people judging if I am in a cult or not, because I rock black polish over the summer.

5.  Stockings!  I am obsessed.  All prints, colors, and styles.   All fall fashion.

6.  Winerys without having a heat stroke.

This one will be my favorite, in the area, for life.

7.  Pumpkin everything, literally, pumpkin everything!  Go white girl, go white girl.  (Being a serious Debbie Downer, be careful on the pumpkin flavor, there is tons of sugar in the lattes and syrups.)

8.  This actual photo, of the main road that leads to my street, last October.


9.  This actual photo of seeing one joyful tree starting to turn, that I saw on my run this past Saturday morning.


10.  The smell of fireplaces and wood burning stoves.  It is literally my euphoria.

11.  I can finally crush my runs without dying.  I love running in the chilly & cold weather.

12.  Blankets.  Oh, how I love gettin’ all snugs under blankets!

13.  Sunday mini-naps.  I am pretty much a cat (in more ways than just this way, in all the ways) and take 20-30 minute naps a few times throughout Sundays, without sun guilt (the feeling of guilt when you spend the day inside and its warm and gorgeous outside, it’s like you’re taking the world for granted).


15.  Halloween.  Sorry, Hildie!  I am not a Mama, to a human yet, so you suffer.


16.  FOOTBALL.  (Yeah, I might know just a LITTLE about sports.  Just a little. Pardon the Romo jersey, this was 2012 when he wasn’t a delicate little flower.)


dezbryant-o.gif…AND IT WAS A CATCH…

17.  ….and last but most definitely not least:

Image result for hocus pocus

There you have it…  All the reasons why Fall rules my world.  To the students, of all levels, going back to school, have a great year!  To the teachers, get back to work (no, really, good luck to you guys, too, I could never be a teacher, so you get my respect.. but also, get back to work).  To all those who wish summer lasted forever, don’t worry, it will be back.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend and enjoy the extra day off my fellow Americans in the work force, this day is for us.



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