The wind beneath my wings (or blog)

This was by far one of the nicest, if not nicest, things someone has ever said to and about me. The old saying runs true, “be strong, you never know who you’re inspiring.”

Please take a moment to sign up to my friend’s brand new blog, My So Called Wife. I can assure there will be many laughs, tears, and happy tears along the way as she ventures through wifehood and being a mama to three babes.


I thought I would start out with one of my first blogs being about my biggest inspiration. Most people are thinking it is husband or my kids (no fear I am sure I will have plenty of stories about them) and while those are good guesses it’s wrong. It’s a friend. I have known her for quite some time. We hung out a few times many moons ago and of course we were social media friends. Ours lives couldn’t seem more opposite. She worked at an office, I am working at home mom. She gets up at 4:30 to run, I am trying to snooze a bit longer. She wears red bottoms, I wear flip-flops. She somehow always looks perfectly put together, I look homeless most days. When she initially said she was going to blog I thought “what in the world is she going to write about…..”. She knows…

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