Postaday- My Muse.

Icon:  Frida Kahlo.  Frida can be considered other people’s (women and men alike) muses which makes total sense considering her life struggles, how she used them to her advantage, and how she succeeded because of those obstacles.  What always stood out was her infamous quote regarding about she is, in fact, her own muse.  Can we all be more Fridaesque?  Absolutely.  This is what I found out:

Over the course of the last year and a half, I’ve become so interested with finding out more about myself.  Was I completely inspired by someone else or another situation?  Affirmative.  I had a muse which led me to myself.

Some may consider being your own muse narcissistic.  I consider it kind of empowering.  Legit digging deep and realizing more and more about me, what I want (cookies), my feelings (I need cookies), my emotions (I’m feeling those cookies in my soul!), my past (how have I ever lived without soft baked chocolate chip cookies?), my future (I’m going for Italian butters), what about me truly inspires me and how I can run (literally) with it.

Okay, so I’m only semi serious about the cookies (totally serious about the running) but, for real, spending time alone is huge.  Some people can’t bear the idea of being alone. “Being alone?  With my own thoughts?  Feelings?  What if I actually face certain things that I’ve been masking? (Like how I want to marry Agent Hotchner from Criminal Minds) No way.  Total scaries!”

That shit IS scary.  But guess what?   It’s essential.  You are literally your own best friend.  You will be with you for the rest of your life, so get to know yourself, inspire yourself, most of all learn to LOVE YOURSELF.  How far I’ve come from where I used to be, in so many aspects, inspires me everyday to keep trying (key word, trying, because God knows I do fail) to be the best version of me, all day, every day.  
(I wrote this on and off for 15 minutes so please excuse any grammatical errors caused by over excitement and the inability to properly proofread!)



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