Thank You.

Mid July, Friday night.  Here I am.  It has been a s**tstorm of a week for me work wise and mentally.  All I want to do is go to bed.  I have been up since 4:30am.  I worked for twelve hours today.  Again.  I am doing personal work now because twelve hours wasn’t enough, at my job job, today.  I should be doing a million other things like over packing for my vacation that I leave for in the morning.  (Um, yeah, I still haven’t packed, I am a real life woman.  I am a hot mess.  It works for me.)  I should be packing my dog’s stuff for her weeks vacation, at her favorite place, Camp Bow Wow.  Instead, I am in front of my computer, in my fluffy bathrobe, taking the time to jot down a few lines to share with all of you.  I want to reflect on two little words that legit mean the world when we hear them from someone:  Thank you.

I always enjoyed reading and writing.  During years of formal education, I always found myself revising or writing papers for my friends (Hey, Jackie!).  In return, my friend’s did my math homework.  Now, in the work force, it’s giving feedback or revising emails for my current partners on my team (Sup, Kristy, hello, Erin!).  I’ve always thought about blogging as a hobby.

I’ve always talked a lot; I personally think it’s endearing. 

I’m a curious person.  I want to know everything.  I’ve always had a lot of thoughts and opinions on so many different topics.  Why not merge all of what I love together and find an outlet for my thoughts?  Share my passions, feelings and opinions with the world?  When I finally went through my “sit or get off the pot” phase (this phrase runs deep with any maje decision) I asked myself, “who the hll is going to read this?  Who is going to relate to my ups, downs, workouts, and meltdowns in life?  Who is going to actually care?  Will people care how I control my sweating problem, how I love sale racks, how I piece together outfits, how much I enjoy all things health related and kept weight off and I survived almost thirty three years and all of my adult nervous breakdowns?”   Well, I guess I wasn’t ever going to know until I tried.

This is why I am here thanking you.  While I can’t see who exactly reads this little world of mine, or who exactly visits the Facebook page, I can see that there are readers dropping in from all different pathways.  A lot of you.  I am grateful for you.  I am grateful for each and everyone one of you who take the time to come and visit.  I am grateful for those who are subscribed to the website, those who follow the Facebook page ( and those who visit even if you’re not following yet.  I appreciate all of the feedback.  Thank you for the PMs, the Instagram DMs, the emails, and the shares of the posts.  This week someone told me that I inspire them regarding my blog.  I have inspired them to start writing and get a blog of their own going.  I was kind of in awe.  I was definitely excited.  I never saw myself as inspirational, however, to know that I affected someone means so much to me.  I hope to step into their world very, very soon.  (I am watching for you!)

Time is the greatest and most precious gift that we can give one another.  To me, time is everything.  So, to all of you, thank you for spending a few minutes here, with me, a few times a week.  Stay tuned this week while I blog from my family vaction.  All things family, surviving a week with my older brother (I love my family but this is survival mode), vacation essentials (Ciroc Coconut?), a very shore wardrobe (bikinis vs one pieces), and floating around in the Barnegat Bay (praying I don’t get stung by a jellyfish again this year).

(And yes, I thought I would write out “thank you” in my own handwriting, in my favorite Crayola crayon color, Cerulean.)

Again, thank you from the bottom of my little, yet very big, heart.








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