The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side.

Hey guys, welcome to Thursday evening!  It’s definitely approaching my bedtime but I wanted to jot down a few quick “on a semi serious note” thoughts before taking my evening siesta.  So, here I am, in my office, windows open, a breeze passing through, thoughts free flowing like a river and the sound of local fireworks demanding attention.  Fireworks:  I remember being five years old and loathing July because I was terrified of Fireworks.  I remember hiding under the benches of the Point Pleasant boardwalk screaming, “I don’t like them!”  What was there really to be scared of?  They’re beautiful!

..and Jenks still has fireworks every Thursday night!

Beauty comes in all forms:  Even scary forms.

Yesterday I was having a conversation, with my husband, regarding life, life choices, big decisions, and making moves that are considered scary.  This can happen regarding any big life decision whether it’s getting married, leaving a job, changing careers altogether, telling your wife you think she’s gained too much weight,  moving out of state, getting knocked up, getting knocked up again, getting divorced or getting a nose job (hey, I’ve been there, it’s a scary decision)!  I think you get my drift.  The term, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side ” came up.  This is a term we’ve all heard since we’re kids, right?  It’s a term that is in place, to keep us grounded where we are; to make us think twice or three times about making a decision.  Sometimes, it can keep us complacent forever.  It’s a reminder that we’re safe; we’re comfortable.  It’s a term that some overly comfortable person coined one day to remind other people to think twice.  I wonder what he thought about when he or she was 85 and reminiscing about their life.

So, my input during this conversation was this:  Comfort zones are nice but nothing ever grows there.  Not even grass.  The other side is a fresh start. The grass may not be greener on the other side (yet) and if it’s not, I am sure I have access to water it, right?  (Maybe not right now, thanks Ridgewood Water and your lame water restriction.)  Maybe some fertilizer?  I can make it green; because I am in control of my life and my grass.  I mean, Pampas Grass is my favorite, and that’s not green.  I think I left the husband a little stunned, shocked with admiration, but stunned.  My point?  I think it’s time to do away with this term and some others.

For the record, my neighbor’s grass is greener.  Way greener.  Friggen Ron.  He is the King of the green grass.

Next on deck:  “God helps those who help themselves.”  Another term that was most likely coined by someone who was too bitter and small to help others.  While I feel like when we, as humans, encounter turmoil or rough times (we ALL will whether mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, in the family unit, etc.) it’s really up to us to want to get through it.  However, I think there was some small scale band that may have coined a term themselves:  “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Here is the deal:  I understand the term is out there to teach us to help ourselves.  But…. Life is hard.  It’s a total sh*t storm sometimes.  I do believe that we always have to help ourselves, we have to want to conquer life, goals, dreams, when we’re down, we have find the strength and fire, in our souls, to pull ourselves up and rise above whatever is holding us down.   I will tell you this, it’s always easier with a helping hand, an ear to listen, a hand to hold (I may or may not now be singing this… ), someone to run along side of us (literally, at least for me, I love having a running partner) or someone to just sit with us even if were not saying a word.   It costs $0.00 to help someone.  It costs $0.00 to be of benefit to someone.

It costs nothing to be someone to someone. 

And I promise you that God, the Universe (for my fellow spiritual souls), or whoever or whatever you believe in will also be on your side, too.

Have a GREAT, great, great, safe, happy and healthy Fourth of July with your friends, families, and loved ones.  I’ll be back after the weekend with a lighter post and some pics from the weekend.





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