The Mask (On A Semi-Serious Note…)

Is wine Wednesday a thing? What about Wisdom Wednesday?  Can it be? I sure hope so. While I am a total worker, a go-getter,  and ambassador of the “get s*it done” club, after taking a small sabbatical this past week, the life of leisure is really tugging at my heart strings.

During my time off, I landed on this blog post by Anjali Soni, @eloraquence, on Word Press, and I felt the need to respectfully share it. Anajli treads the waters of a topic that many people wrestle with: Hiding your authentic self. Wearing a social mask can be exhausting and cruel to oneself, for what it seems, to live up to the standards, ideals, and expectations of others; how society thinks we should be living our lives. When we remove this mask and live the life that is authentic to us, we become more credible, we can relax, we can be real, we can trust that people like who we are for us and not who we’re pretending to be. Life becomes manageable when we release the force of trying to control everything. Understand that nine times out of ten people will respect (and maybe even envy) our courage to be real; we may even give someone else the courage to do the same. Take a look at this piece, by who I feel, is a talented writer.

I’ll be back to lightheartedness, health/fitness, humor, reviews, my scatter brained thoughts, and less serious posts soon enough.  As always, thanks for stopping in!  Like what you see?  Don’t forget to sign up for email notifications to never miss a humorously written post about the joys (oh, the joys) of being in your 30s and everything that goes along with it.




Every morning when you wake up, putting on your best dress and heading out to get on with your life; do you go out with your true self? Or you put on a mask, showing the world what you are not?

The society we live in, the people we hang out with, the culture we grew up with, our surroundings and thousand other factors shaped us in way that made us what we are today. They mould us in a way that seems ‘fit’ and ‘appropriate’ from their perspective. Haven’t we brought up with never-ending dos and don’ts?

There are some of us who fight every day to stay true to themselves, while many of us get lost in the fulfilment of the demand of our environment. We hide our real selves behind the mask created by same demand and the desires, dreams and aspirations are murdered and buried deep…

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