Mama’s Got A New Pair Of Shoes: A Very Nike Review.

Hello, on this way more than gorgeous Sunday morning, and Father’s Day!   First and foremost, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the amazing Papa Bear’s out there.  Before I get started I want to shout you all out.  You most likely don’t hear it when your little ones are having a meltdown or asking for money, you are supposedly ruining your teenagers life, and then your adult children don’t call as much as you’d like to hear from them, but you’re special.  You’re amazing.  You’re appreciated.  As a little human, my own father was my hero.  Whether he was working at one of three jobs to keep our home in order, standing in front of the TV singing “Tomorrow” (always changing tomorrow to my last name, Amaro), with me, while watching “Annie”, reminding me that I was a good witch while watching “The Wizard of Oz”, (two of my childhood favorites) and as a teenager emphasizing that Amaro’s are tough and we can do and handle anything.  Today, as an adult of almost 33, my father is my hero for  a slew of different reasons which I keep in my mind and heart.  Cheers, Papa.


After a night of staying up way past my bed time, sharing my bed with my 12-year-old niece, Toni Ann, watching Snapchat stories with her (are those what they’re called?  I don’t “snap”), and answering some VERY difficult and slightly uncomfortable questions about growing up….(I was the real deal we all know I am when I answered them)

I was able to sneak out for a quick run this morning before she woke up (I am actually writing as she is still snoozing).  She doesn’t love when I leave her to workout, however, I still feel it’s an integral part of me (hopefully) being a good role model and teaching her about the importance of health and life in general.

Which brings me to my new running sneakers.  There was no doubt that all of my sneakers were at the point of exhaustion; they were screaming for help.  I don’t even want to know how many miles each pair actually has on them.  This past week, I went to the good old Ridgewood Running Company, a townie and Bergen County, NJ staple, to get fitted for new sneakers.  We went over what my goals are, what I am training for (my answer of “life” seemed to be a real hoot), how fast I am running when and when I am not racing, and how many miles a week I am running.  After that, I went on the treadmill where my running was analyzed for a minute at a time.  I am pretty standard (I am anything but, but we’re sticking to sneakers here) when it comes to form with slight pronation on my left side.  My left foot is also bigger, my left hip is worse, I have a bunion on my left foot, and my left b….. Well, I am sure you can see where I am going with this.  Everything is bigger on my left.

This narrowed me down to purchasing the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 since I don’t have extreme specific needs and they bridged the gap between fashion and function (sorry, Asics and Brooks, I need more of a basic look on my feet).  I also went with a pair of inserts to help with my arch and pronation on my left side.


Here’s my take after finishing my first outdoor 6.5mi long run with them.

As I mentioned above, from a fashion take, the simple black option was something that I really loved.  Asics and Brooks have more of a wild variety aesthetically.  I like to keep it simple and fresh since most of my work out pieces have a personality of their own.

Typically, I run in Nike Flyknit Lunars so the Pegasus is quite different.  They do seem a bit heavier on my feet since the Flyknit’s are almost like wearing nothing, which is good and bad.  The Pegasus delivered as far as a nice, snuggly fit, without complete overloaded tightness, and just the right amount of cushioning.  When my foot struck the ground, I didn’t feel much of anything in my heel which is huge.  There is a also a ton of traction control.

The downside, for me, is that they hurt just a tad around the ankle area where they’re laced.  Since they are new, this may ease up over time.  I did have to adjust the tightness of the laces, and maneuver the tongue of the sneaker quite a few times, before beginning my run today.  I’ve worn them previously to run, after purchasing them this week, but they were nine indoor treadmill miles.

I would tweak some areas of the shoe, but overall, the Pegasus 33 is a great sneaker that I am looking forward to accomplishing many miles and adventures in.  At a cool $110.00 they don’t exactly break the bank either.  The inserts, sold separately, were $39.99 and worth every penny.

So if you’re a new runner, an established runner, running fast, taking it slow (“turtle, turtle” name that movie!), or running just for fun, the Pegasus 33 may be worth looking into for you.

I hope you all enjoyed my little mini review and gained something from my feels.  Have a great, great, Sunday and an easy up coming week.  Tomorrow is my Day Two, of my staycation, so I will be hitting Sea Bright which I am beyond excited for the solitude and salty air.





2 thoughts on “Mama’s Got A New Pair Of Shoes: A Very Nike Review.

  1. Again, a late message but such a meaningful one. You are the utmost honest person I’ve met and I admire you more and more. You give credit where deserved being as honest and humble mixed in one. You are truly one of a kind and I want to replicate you in my next life. …not in every life situation but in your bounce back again attitude and optimistic ways!Xoxo

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