About Last Night.

Good Afternoon everyone and Happy 1st Day of Spring!  What seemed to be the strangest winter ever (I remember running five miles, on a 65 degree Christmas morning, beyond weird, and I don’t mean the running part) we finally made it to spring.  Last night was the beginning of many events that I have coming up this season.   Last night, I actually left my humble abode and ventured into NYC to celebrate my best bud, Sylvana’s, bachelorette party.  For the type of women that we are, we never look to have an obscene, wild night, for bachelorette parties.  We’re old… and le classy.

We started off at a very eclectic restaurant, on the Lower East Side, Supper, which was absolutely amazing.  Table for twenty thirty-something year old women please!  The food was beyond tasteful (that gnocchi though) and the décor/room that we were in was extremely private.  The playlist was incredible, as was the service, too.  Hosting that many women has to be mentally exhausting (“is there meat in this?  Um, is there more white wine?  Red stains my teeth.  Where’s the bathroom?  Yeah, no, is there one closer?  Does that outlet work?  My phone needs a charge”)  but these guys made it seem effortless.  After Supper, we trekked over to Slipper Room, a burlesque theater also on the LES.  It was my first time seeing a burlesque show and it was definitely a fun experience.  They warn you that things will get weird.  By midnight, things got weird.  So, here I am, the morning after, pounding a scooped lox and cream cheese everything bagel, from the Holy Grail, Goldberg’s, (Holy random run in, Kristen, good seeing you!) blogging from the strangest of places, the Laundromat (no, this is not also a fun location in NYC, I also wish my personal washer/dryer were industrial sized but they’re not) about my night, and last night’s look, on this Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, at thirty two and a half, adult life doesn’t stop even after a long night out, and the heavy bedding from each of my bedrooms rooms was overdue for their spring cleaning (apparently I am not the only one spending her Sunday doing the bedding either, I’ve made two friends here so far, so, new friends, if you’re reading, heyyy!)

Last night’s look was a complete crossover (I am not talking Caity J, although when I wear my fake lashes, it is quite debatable) between winter and spring, what could be dressed up or casual, and my personal favorite:  Mixing high end and basic, completely affordable pieces.  What I absolutely did love about my threads was a new skirt I randomly picked up, on a whim, this week.   Pardon the photo, unfortunately, I was running late (I am half Puerto Rican, it’s in my blood, thank God I am Type A and try my best to be on time) and didn’t have an IG Husband to help with a quality photo from my better camera.

SB1 (2)

Top:  INC International Concepts.  I think I paid $15 for this basic black wife beater a few years back and it has been through the ringer and back.  I knot the front, for a little of a sexier look, without revealing too much skin.  For the most part, INC’s material is amazing and it bounces back to regular shape easily.  It’s completely soft, handles well, washes well, and holds up for the long haul.  You can find a similar INC International Concepts top here.

Skirt:  This skirt was a total accident; a good accident.  I went to Target for one item and walked out with this, too.  I mean, how many times have you heard that story?  This jersey style, pencil, high waist sequined midi skirt was on sale, for $17, this past week and was originally an online item only.  I personally found it as a returned to store item.  I couldn’t pass it up.  For size gauging, I am wearing an XS.  Thanks, Target, for doing it again!   (No longer available online, here is something similar, minus the sequins.

Shoes:  Christian Louboutin Rolando.  No, they’re not comfortable.  Yes, my feet are jacked.  I run so much I am used to the crippled feeling.

Here are a few more from the evening!


The almost Mrs. and her ManServants for the evening.  Adorable idea!

My friend’s Matron of Honor did an excellent job, on this, and the entire evening!  Anyone interested in this idea, see ManServants for details and pricing.  These Servants are obviously handsome, dapper, and respectful.  They took my purse, charged my phone (of course I was running low, they had my back), hung my coat, and snagged me a drink as soon as I walked through the door.  They stayed to serve food, drinks, and pose for photos.  This is the perfect idea for anyone looking to have a more tame, refined, and fun time before or during their bachelorette party.


And from The Slipper Room.  She was my favorite performer of the evening.


Overall, it was a great night celebrating one of my very bests.  I hope you all had a night and weekend as good as mine was and I wish you a very easy week ahead!


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