On A Serious Note, Vol. II – International Women’s Day.

Hey All!  I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday.  Not only did we hit a beautiful 70+ degrees here, in the Tri-State, but we also had the most beautiful day of the year so far on International Women’s Day.  To ALL my women, I hope you had a great day.  A huge shout out to all of my guys who are recognizing the women in their lives and the world.  This day has so much meaning for women across the globe.  It’s a day to celebrate YOU.  All of YOU.  Your strengths, your weaknesses (there’s strength in weakness, never forget it!), and how far you and we all have come.  Its always been a day to make some serious noise about equality and women’s rights.  It’s a day to throw up those arm guns and be proud of ourselves.  It’s a day to really embrace ourselves and the road we’ve traveled.

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International Women’s Day has evolved so much.  What started as  a march (see above photo), in 1908, for better pay, shorter hours, and a right to vote has quickly become, to me, almost anything that you want to celebrate about being a woman.  Here is a run down of what inspires me and makes me proud to be the woman I am on International Women’s Day.

  • First and foremost, we landed that right to vote (obviously).  Now we have the possibility of voting for the first female POTUS.  (Politics aside, I don’t care who you’re voting for, that’s pretty damn legit.)
  • To the women who stand up for injustices everywhere, thank you.
  • To the women who push and support each other, to be the best versions of themselves, keep that s*it up!  Whether you’re pushing a friend to go for that promotion they’ve been thinking about, pushing them to go back to school, pushing them to ask that guy or girl out, or pushing them to follow their dreams, of starting their own business or eating that sleeve of Oreo’s, thank you.  We need more of you.  (I’ll take a tall, cold glass of 2% with my Oreo’s.)
  • To the women who are thirsty for all types of knowledge.  Keep learning and share your knowledge as much as you can, whenever you can.  Keep your brain quenched.  Keep your soul full.
  • Women who are strong enough, to eloquently express their feelings, of what’s on their minds, leaving behind the fear of who will have what to say about their “big mouths…”  The only people with something to say are those who are intimidated by you and your strength.  Keep reminding people to check their s*it at the door.
  • Women who also support other women.  I see you.  I love you.
  • ALL Mom’s.  Good Mom’s.  Whether you’re a working mother, a stay at home mother, a single mother with help, a single mother doing it all on your own, or you’ve stepped in as the role of a mother or a role model for someone else.  You’re NOT alone on your journey.  You have the toughest jobs on the planet.  You’re all superheroes.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re inspirational.  (I’ll catch up one day, promise.)
  • To the women who are not afraid to say that they’re not ready to have kids, or that they don’t want kids at all:  There will be people who ridicule you (boy, will there be!).  It’s noise.  Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about a personal decision.  Drown it out with your confidence; celebrate your confidence.
  • To the women who balance work, school, home life, and a personal life.  Your juggling act is not overlooked and you’re teaching other women that having it all is possible.
  • To those women have been empowered by another woman, tell them.  I promise, you will bring a smile to their faces.  Do the same for someone else.  Keep those vibrations going.  Empowered women, empower women.
  • To the women who are best friends and let nothing and no one come between them, whether it be successes, failures, heart breaks, every day life stresses, non-stop chatter after one too many cups of coffee, the constant “am I pretty?”, “can you stalk them for me?” or meltdowns (uh, I’ve never had any of those):  You make my heart full.  You’re the Oprah to my Gayle.  The Selena to my Taylor.

  • To all the little women of the world, here is a reminder that you can do anything that you want to in this life.  You can be anything that you want to be.  Don’t let anyone or anything stop you.  You’re all little Queens in training.  Straighten that crown, put your little foot down, and make the rules.

There are still a few more hours for you the reach out to the badass women, in your lives, and celebrate each other.  You’re all reflections of each other.  Radiate off of each other.  Conquer this world together.

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of what is going to be a beautiful week and I will catch you all toward the end.




2 thoughts on “On A Serious Note, Vol. II – International Women’s Day.

  1. I’m a day late, because my mommy butt was asleep early with my son. (Gotta catch up on sleep when I can lol) but I adore this particular blog! You hit the nail on the head! You my friend are fire right now and I will continue to support you and be your fan!

    Women should build each other up! And this I’m sure has lifted many women’s spirits after reading it. Thank you! Reading it this morning has put a pep in my step.

    Keep empowering women you empowered woman you!!

    😘❤ love you lady!

    Liked by 1 person

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