A Simple Sunday Make-Up Rundown and A Truth Be Told.

Sunday’s.  The day of the week that most of us love to look forward to.   For most people it’s typically a day of total relaxation; it’s the day that we get to lay on the couch and watch football, all day long, during the season or spend outside during the summer.  It’s the total day of rest, even for my face, for the most part.  Since Sunday is usually such a low key day, for me, I try to keep my face low key, as well.  If I stay home on Sunday’s, after the gym or my Sunday long run, I keep my face basic, moisturized, and nothing else.  If I am running errands, I stick to a basic “I am wearing makeup because I don’t want to scare you but I am not really wearing makeup” look, which is pretty easy to achieve with just a few key products which I will outline here.  You can also achieve this look by not wearing makeup, but really, unless you’re staying home (which I actually love doing; I’ve mastered the homeless look while thankfully having a home look), what’s the fun in that?

For starters, I always keep my face hydrated and moisturized and so should you.  I have combo skin, however, I am terribly dry during the winter.  As soon as I step out of the shower (and over my cat, Samson) my forever go to is my original Pond’s moisturizer.  I am pretty sure I’ve tried everything ranging from $5.00 to $75.00 and I always find myself back with Pond’s.   Once the moisturizer sets in, it’s prime time.  I’ve been using my favorite dupe of Smashbox’s Photo Finish:  NYX’s Photo Loving.  Make sure you go easy, a tiny drop is all you need for your entire face.  Next up is my mascara.  Again, I’ve tried everything out there and I always go back to my old trustees:  L’Oreal Voluminous and Million Lashes.  A few coats of each and I am set.   For my foundation, I’ve been using True Match Lumi.  I do bounce between a few foundations but I really like this one since it gives a nice healthy glow.  I am partial to the dewey look and this product really nails it while giving a light to medium coverage.  Lately I have been applying this using my Real Techniques Expert Face brush which gives me the ability to build the kind of coverage I would like or need that day.  Otherwise, a dampened beauty blender is my alternative.  (By the way, ALL Real Techniques products are on sale, online on ulta.com, through midnight tonight.  You’re welcome.)  On the topic of beauty blenders, I do use the dampened sponge to highlight.  I highlight all under my eye area and extend toward my cheeks (I highlight more areas when I am completely doing my makeup).  I usually use Benefit’s Erase Paste or It Cosmetics! Bye Bye Undereye to highlight the said areas.  I have to admit, I am pretty partial to the Bye Bye Undereye.  This is a great product, does exactly what it claims to do, and it worth every penny of the $24.00.  The tube has also lasted me almost a year; so, if we’re going to do a total cost analysis, I am telling you, all in on this product.  All in.  I finish up with a quick all over dab of NYX HD Finishing Power in Banana (using the Real Techniques Powder Brush, hello, on sale, what are you waiting for?), a bit of bronzer/blush, and whatever I am feeling for my lips whether it be chap-stick or something more.

Final Product for simple looks:  This was end of day around 4pm:

(Which, if we’re being honest, truth be told, I almost didn’t share this specific photo since you can still see that I have under-eye circles.  It’s not something that I can totally disguise.  If I can fix something, I do.  If  I can’t, I accept it.  I am human.  I have physical flaws.  I accept them.  Things could always be worse, remember that.  So here you go!)

index2 (2)

For a little more of a jazzed up look, but less than a full face, I used NYX Liquid Eyeliner in black and  Ardell Demi Whispies in Natural.  I topped off the look, with Urban Decay liner in Liar (still sold out, I am losing my patience, get with it Urban!) and NYX Matte Lip Cream in Athens.


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them below or email me at thethirtysomethingblog@gmail.com.  And in closing, I am not by any means a makeup artist (I did work for Lancome, for a short time, during my first go around in college, many moons ago, so I did learn a few tips and tricks there), a makeup expert, etc.  I am simply someone who enjoys the products and learning new things.  Once you learn something the best thing you can do is share your knowledge with others.  Good advice is never any use to oneself!



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