A Few Of My Fitness Faves, Part I.


Happy Hump Day everyone! This week is soaring by and I am so excited to not have any plans, for this weekend, besides studying and the typical workouts, as usual. Speaking of working out, today, on the blog, I figured I would share Part I of my favorite workout gear. I’ll also let you know where you can score it, as well. As most of you may already know, I am a pretty frugal person when it comes to how I shop. I have champagne taste, but I hate paying those Dom Perignon prices, and I never leave home without my coupons. Most of the time, I wait for some of my favorite pieces to go on sale and I will combine it will some sort of coupon or extra savings pass, if I can. Unfortunately, the fitness gear I am most comfortable in isn’t cheap, but I always manage a way to make it affordable within my own budget; I refuse to pay full price for anything (and neither should you!) unless it never goes on sale. If you’re one of my gym buddies you will most likely always see me in Nike or Under Armour. I usually frequent the sale racks at Sports Authority, Nike Factory, or Macy’s to see what I can score on discount. One item that I completely swear by and will forever endorse is the Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra. This bra comes in a variety of support levels and colors. For me and my body size/activity level (I am a little larger on top and I am also a runner), the medium support is an impeccable fit. It holds me in place perfectly while completely bypassing the flattened out look or the dreaded “uniboob.” (Guys, if you’re reading this, be happy you don’t go through these problems. If you do go through these problems, the Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra is for you.) For the ladies carrying some extra boobage, the high support looks like it will hold you in place during the most ferocious of workouts. These run between $30 and $45 depending on color, the print, and if there’s padding. During Nike’s and Macys’ Friends and Family sales you can score them for 25% off. Other times, they will randomly go on sale for a few dollars off, at either store, or Sports Authority.

Another one of my favorite pieces, from Nike, are the 3″ Pro Shorts.  This is another product that I own in a variety of colors. They fit perfectly to the body for optimal comfort, with all movements, whether you’re running, squatting, or just stretching. I will forewarn you, they are pretty short. If you’re a little more conscious about your body and dress according to your comfort level (and that’s OKAY as long as you love yourself and whatever flaws you may think you have), Nike also makes a longer 5″ version of the shorts. This way, you can still capitalize on the design without sacrificing your comfort. The shorts do run a tad small (I take a M, I fluctuate between 134 and 138lbs, 26.5in waist, and a size 2 or 4) and run about $28.00 in most places. However, again, while these DON’T break the bank, you can also wait for a sale to stock up. I have 94 pairs. Just kidding, I have 92.

Lastly, on Part I of my favorite workout items, I will 100% have to add the Pro Warm half zip top.  I  bought this light weight, fitted top, on a whim, when it started to get cooler out. The neck zip is a nice feature since I can leave it open, if it’s a little warmer out, or zipped up, into a turtleneck look if it’s cooler. (I refuse to sacrifice my outdoor runs just because it’s freezing. Maniac?  Maybe.  Dedicated? Definitely.) The good news? ALL Nike Pro Warm and Pro Combat is on sale at Sports Authority right now. If you don’t have time to get to the store, there is free shipping on all orders over $39.00.

I hope you liked Part I of my top picks. I will be back with Part II, in a few weeks, with new picks and up to date sales that will be in place since the seasons are changing. If you have any questions, or need help locating an item, I’d be happy to help. Throw me a shout at thethirtysomethingblog@gmail.com or drop me a line here.

I hope you crush the rest of your week and have an amazing weekend!


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