Just Because It’s Expensive…

Hello, and HAPPY WEEKEND!  Sadly, I don’t have another three day weekend (I am side-eyeing at you, Erin… Erin is my boss for those who are wondering) but I am still thrilled to have a full two days off.  Today I want to get back to basics, on the blog, and touch base on expensive items vs. average priced items; beauty products, specifically.  So, men, you’re off the hook with this post.  Women, it’s go time.  I was inspired to write this after being at a loss trying to replace my go-to Urban Decay lip pencil, for what feels like years. (I think it has been weeks, but really, who is keeping track?)  All Sephora locations, Ulta locations, and their respective websites have been out of stock.  The Urban Decay website has been out of stock for the entire time, as well.  Major department stores also failed me.  I was desperate.  I was forced to find something that was comparable, if not better.  Was this even possible?  Not only was it possible but it was possible for a fraction of the price; roughly 80% less.  So, here lies my experiment.  For today’s look, except for two items, I used nothing budget friendly makeup items, with not one of the budget items over the frugal cost of $10.00.

Here is a photo from today:


Here is a photo using the more expensive products:


Granted, they are different looks.  Today’s look was for a day time event while the previous look was for an evening out.  Still, I feel like you have an idea where I am going with this.  You guessed it, there are very limited differences.  This brings me to the fact that I’ve personally always known:  You can, in fact, score a great look without breaking the bank.  Below is a list of some of my favorite drug store items:

NYX – I absolutely love most of their products.  Recently I’ve swapped out my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer for the NYX dupe.  Both are extremely smooth, a tiny drop is all you need, and it is extremely long lasting.  The Smashbox primer will forever be my favorite but if you’re on a budget this item is almost just as good.  The Smashbox will run you $36.00, which is up $4.00 in the recent years.  The NYX version is $12.99.  Spend wisely!  I’ve also decided to run and never look back, with the NYX setting spray, over my typical Urban Decay All Nighter.  The NYX sets my face perfectly and reapplication is never necessary.  Today my makeup lasted from 11am until I just washed it off at 9:30pm.  The NYX version will run you $8.00 compared to Urban’s $30.00.  Keep the change and buy your friends a round at your next happy hour!  (Can I be your friend?  I like Champagne.  Let me know.)

For my foundation, I typically I use Sephora’s 10HR liquid foundation which, for a liquid foundation, isn’t too pricey at a very reasonable $20.00 (seen in the 2nd photo).  This is an illuminating lightweight foundation (I don’t need much coverage).  I’ve used various brands, including Urban Decay’s Naked, which is amazing, but can cost you at $40.00 for 1oz.  This time around I went with L’Oreal’s True Match Luminous just to test it out.  For $12.99, before a coupon savings, I am nothing short of impressed.  The application is extremely smooth, not much is needed when applying with a beauty blender, and the finish is flawless.  I highly recommend this product!

ELF Cosmetics recently put out their version, of what seems to be (at least to me?), Nars’ blush/bronzer duo.  While I feel like Nars’ blushes and bronzers are some of the best out there, this product is pretty legit for being just $4.00.  I have been wearing it every day since I bought it.  Thanks to beauty blogger Carol Lago for this find.  Her most recent YouTube video is also about her favorite drug store finds, check it out!

There you have the roundup of some of my recent favorite drugstore makeup finds.  Beauty and fashion, on a budget, is completely possible.  Always keep in mind, Ulta (on non-prestige brands) and Harmon also accept coupons, to save you even more, on your quest to enhance your natural beauty, on a budget.  If you have any questions or comments, drop a line below or you can reach me at thethirtysomethingblog@gmail.com.

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