I’m Too Old For That.. Aren’t I?

Hello Everybody!

First and foremost, HAPPY FRIDAY.  It has been a hell of a week in every sense of the word.  I am sure you’re all just as ready to kick up your feet and relax (or lack thereof since we’re adults) as much as I am.  I am going to take a hard left on the blog today and talk my talk on fashion/personal style.  This is for the ladies (and some gentleman, too)!

As I entered my thirties a few years ago, I started to feel a little worrisome, over the clothing that I chose to wear, and how I represented myself.  Certain items that I felt were staples in my wardrobe, almost as if they were my uniform, now seemed as if I was crossing an invisible line into the local senior citizen center.  Bloggers and journalists are consistently revealing their lists of “articles of clothing to toss if you’re over 30,” labeling items such as long tutu skirts, skinny jeans, red lipstick, and leggings (unless for the gym), as pieces to toss, just to name a few.   What really struck me, on most of the “toss lists,” were classic pieces such as mini skirts (I am not talking about that shredded Abercrombie & Fitch denim mini you wore in 2001, that can go, and stop singing LFO in your head, I hear you), skinny jeans and sky high heels.   Why shouldn’t I wear five inch heels because I am over 30?   What if I feel my sexiest while wearing those heels that I am supposed to banish, from my closet, because good God, I am now over 30?  I really don’t feel that I need to stick only to timeless or classic pieces just because I am a certain age.  I don’t want to feel like I should wear my sunglasses and a hoodie when entering any juniors section or “young” store.  (Hey, Topshop has some great pieces!) If I am styling a piece correctly, does it matter where I am purchasing it from?  Here is my take on “age appropriate”:

In my opinion, age appropriate is what you FEEL most comfortable in, at your age.  For me personally, age appropriate is taking a classic piece and adding a twist of something funky or edgy to pair it with.  For instance, I feel my sexiest when I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans, high heels, and a silk loose fitting blouse.  Edgy, but still not strolling down the Depends aisle.  I recently just purchased a new pair of overalls; during my purchase, I questioned myself, “am I too old for these?” (especially since they are from the little girl’s department at Target, whatever, they fit nicely and are good material for $24.99).  I deliberated the purchase, in my head, during my entire visit, but I honestly felt too good in them to pass them up, so I didn’t.  Today, I wore leggings with squirrels on them (click me), with wedge booties, and a chunky sweater to cover most of my rear.  Are the leggings a little “young?”  Maybe.  But they’re fun and represent my personality.  So why not?  There was a way to turn them into a fun, yet age appropriate, ensemble.

While I agree that us thirty somethings and up are past certain pieces, I don’t think that it’s completely necessary to ban certain items, from our wardrobe, since we’re beyond a certain age.  It takes a lot of confidence, to really nail down your personal style, and what completely defines you.  When you FEEL good, you LOOK good, and that feeling is an energy that is beautiful and will radiate onto and inspire those around you.  Rest assured, I will be that 90 year old woman who is rocking a mini skirt while pushing her walker around the nursing home.  I hope I make the “items to toss when you’re over 90” list.

Drop a line or email me at thethirtysomethingblog@gmail.com to tell me what you think about what age appropriate means to you!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.  I just found out late this afternoon that I have a three day weekend!  Hopefully I will have something new for you on Monday night.





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